How to lose Belly Fat and Still Eat, Imagine That..

We have a man lying on the floor ,using his left arm to stabilise his body, whilst using his right hand to pickup some food that spread before him. there is tomatoes ,olives ,ham and bread plus Lemon infused water in a bottle.

You’ve probably heard people telling you to Get Rid of Belly Fat you have to Exercise. However, what may surprise you is that you can still Eat and Get Rid of the Belly Fat without exercising.

I can hear you already, what’s this guy talking about, is he crazy, well I’m not (well I like to think I’m not).

Let me Explain:-

Everyone assumes that if you are “Eating Lots” this makes you fat. In reality it’s the wrong type of Foods that will add the Pounds to your Belly and Hips.

People have a few misconceptions about what to eat. I would like to show you how to lose your belly fat and still eat .

So how do we go about this, well with some direction you will find its easier than you think.

Let’s look at a Few things here….


Well, we have all heard about these Calories. We have been told many a time. Women burn approx.1500 calories a day. Men burn approx. 2000 calories per day.

So! what we saying here is quite simple. Consume more calories than you burn then you will gain weight. Consume fewer calories than you burn then you will lose weight. Imagine that…

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people fail in losing weight is a lack of discipline.

Foods to Fear

I am sure many people will not agree with me but if you want to pack on the calories quickly. Then there are certain foods and drink that should be taken in moderation or not at all.

You can just see the feet of 2 people who are sitting on the floor along side 6 Pizzas that have all been opened and are on the cardboard lying on the floor waiting to be eaten. We also have a can of coke and sprite next to them.

Pop Soda and Fruit Juices – They are the ones that sneak up behind and Hey Presto, Calories Galore and guess what you’ve gained weight.( All of a sudden where did this come from). Juice Concentrates are all high in sugar and low in health. Just to give you an idea as to how long it will take to burn the 210 calories, in a 500ml Soda.

It will take,wait for it:-

On a Bike 32 min Running 21 min Cleaning the House 1.2 hrs

So you see Pop Drinks and Fruit Juices are the easiest way to Consume calories.

Pizza – A 14′ inch Pizza has over 2200 calories, and a slice of Pizza averages 283 calories so you do the maths and see what for yourself. That’s the entire days calories for both a woman and man. Can you imagine how many hours of house cleaning that will take.

Nachos – Just following on from above they are in the same category, 1 Order of a Nacho with Beef/Beans/Sour Cream and Cheese is a whopping 1598 calories. Again the Calories are a women entire daily intake and not that far off for men.

Deep Frying – If you are eating food on a regular basis that has been deep-fried, you will most certainly put on the calories and put on the weight. In the long term it will also affect your health. You know, I know, we all know some food tastes good,when deep Fried. We are all guilty of having, but again it must be in moderation.

Let me tell you a true story about Deep Frying, I am from Scotland and the story goes like this. A “Chippy” (Fish and Chip Shop) was asked by a customer if they had ever Deep Fried a Mars Bar, yes you read correct a Mars Bar. The answer was they had not, but anyway it was tried and it worked. Now you can ask for it ,if you are Brave enough, in fact you can also get Deep Fried Pizza. Have I ever tried any of them, Hell No, and I don’t think I ever will. I don’t think I would like to count the number of calories in any of these two.

I digress, back to the matter at Hand.

Foods to Embrace

Well I hope I haven’t smashed all your favorite eating joints. I just need to tell you a couple of things that will help you lose weight and give you the freedom to eat. Here are 3 things I highly recommend:-

Eat High Fiber Foods Vegetables, Nuts, bran and various fruits are all high in Fiber. They are very good for your digestive system and good health in general. In respect your diet it leads you to eating less food as all that fiber will make you feel fuller more often.

Eat Food that take Long to Digest – Beans, Dhal and Root vegetables not only do they take long to digest making you feel fuller. They also take longer to chew, making you feel like your eating for a long time.

Eat only when your Hungry – That seems like common sense, but society says we must at this time and that time. If you are hungry, eat until full, and if you are not Hungry do not eat, makes sense.

Food Glorius Food

I am sure you will agree we enjoy our Foods, some better than others, some not so bad and some not so good. Health Organization and Dietary Experts, recommend that we eat in Moderation ‘Saturated Fat ‘ meat products to you and me, but increase with ‘Unsaturated Fat’ more Vegetables, Nuts and Olive Oil to name a few.


To sum things up here, I think going forward you should start thinking to yourself. Hell I can still eat what I enjoy but I just have to be sensible. When I was younger I can remember my Dad calling a meal “2 Meat and Veg.” Now maybe we should now call it “1 Meat and More Veg. ” As they say Less is More.

One Last Thing:-

Remember That it is Easier NOT to eat a 1000 calories, Than it is to BURN a 1000 calories.

Calories Consumed – Calories Burned = Weight Gained or Weight Lost

Which one, would you LIKE.


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