6 of The Best Vegetables…… Help Get Rid of Belly Fat.


Various Veggies Tomatoes ,Yellow Bell Peppers, Oinons and Egg Plant.

Vegetables, Love them or Hate them, they help you lose the Belly Fat.

Can you remember when you were a kid, sitting at the dining table and your mum’s telling you.

You must Eat your Vegetables or there’s no Pudding.

Well can you beleive it, she was right all along.

Maybe we should have listened to our mums (we would’ve got the pudding)

In one of my earlier posts, I commented on the Intake of Calories.

Stating that the more you take on board, the more you have to Burn.

Researchers have shown that if you do not Burn off the excess Calories you have taken on board.

They will be converted into Fat and stored in various parts of your Body.

This of course includes the Belly Region and you know what happens next, you have the dreaded Belly Fat.

So What’s the answer to that ?

That would be you enjoy Foods that have a Low Calorie Count and help you lose the Belly Fat.

In other words that means you have to eat your Vegetables……..


VEGETABLESLove Them or Hate Them …You must at Least Try Them

Bell Peppers


They are full of Fat burning substances that will help you lose your Belly Fat.

One of these substances is Capsaicin and it has been found that if you have a Red Pepper with a meal it increases the feeling of Fullness.

Leading to a decrease in the Calorie intake and an Increase in Weight Loss.

They will also help with the detoxification in your body which in turn, helps with the release of digestive enzymes, which again breakdown the dreaded Belly Fat.

Bell Peppers Calorie Count (31 Cal = 100g)


Beetroot is succulent root vegetable and one of the best to help you with your long term results when it comes to Losing the Belly Fat.

They contain no Fat and are a good source of both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber meaning that they fight the Fat by making sure you maintain proper bowel functions.

Therefore lowering Cholesterol Levels for weight loss.

Rich in magnesium, a mineral that supports the muscle function and since muscles will burn more Calories than Fat, maintaining and building muscle will help in shedding that Unwanted pounds.

Beetroot Calorie Count (43 Cal = 100g)



Egg Plants

Eggplant a good source of phenolic compounds.

They are nutrients that have been found to help in preventing the storage of Fat in the Belly region.

Eggplant an extremely low-carb and nutrient-dense food you can use to help you get rid of excess fat.

It has been known to improve the feeling of satiety and can help you reduce excess eating.

Egg Plant Calorie Count is (25 Cal = 100g)

Did you know that the Egg Plant is actually a Fruit (Yeah I Googled it) so if you do not tell, neither will I, our secret.



This vegetable comes in many Colors Red/Purple/Green and White.

As cabbage has no Fat, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that these vegetables are a must in your fight against the Belly Fat.

Cabbage is High in fiber and also contains Phenolic Compounds (As found in Egg Plant) such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron.

This can boost a Healthy Digestion and keep the Bloating in check.

Obviously this makes this a Vegetable, “must have” for your plate.

Cabbages Calorie Count (25 Cal = 100 g)



Tomatoes have been found to help reduce water retention and inflammation in the body, as well as reversing leptin resistance.

Leptin being a type of protein that can help to regulate the metabolic rate and appetite, so our bodies rely on it to shed those extra pounds.

The humble tomato is composed mainly of Fiber, Air and water.

This will make you feel full and suppress your appetite.

Tomato Calorie Count (18 Cal = 100g)

Like the Egg Plant “Tomatoes are also fruit” but we won’t tell anybody.

Red and Green Lettuce


They are very low in Calories and would certainly help you reduce your Belly Fat if incorporated into to your eating plans.

Examples such as Iceberg Lettuce contains about 95% water, similar to cucumber.

With the Low Calorie count you will find it more full filling than other types of vegetables.

Red Leafed Lettuce is the same, High in water and Low Calorie Count.

You can see that they are the perfect vegetable to be putting on your plate.

Lettuce are also rich in minerals such as Vitamin A and C, and they contain no Fat.

As Lettuces have such a Low Calorie count,(see below) it has been found that you will use more Calories to consume the Lettuce, than what is in the Lettuce.

Making this a Negative Calorie Food.

Lettuce Calorie Count (15 Cal = 100g)


Well there you have it, a little Insight into some of the 6 Vegetables that you can use to help with your fight against the Belly Fat. I am sure that you will have had some, if not all of them, in your Pantries at home, sometime time or another, just standard everyday Vegetables no funny or exotic Vegetables here this time. I am sure you are surprised at how beneficial these Vegetables can be to you in helping you Get Rid of the Belly Fat, but also for you and your families Health in General.

One little snippet I’ll leave you with, I am a big lover of Beetroot, have been since I was a young boy. In my Family we had 3 Boys (My sister came much later) and along the road was the Soutar Family with 3 girls, so both families were very close as we still are. As I was youngest I was spoiled by Mrs Soutar and she would always make me a Beetroot Sandwich, boy did I like them.

Well “That’s That” as they say.


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