HOW TO LOSE 10 lbs…..(IN 1 MONTH)


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Research has shown that the 11 Most Common Reasons to Help YOU lose 10 lbs in a Month are:-

Exercise/Cardio/Aerobics” whether it be Walking, Running, Lifting weights, Aerobics, “Cut your Calories”, “Limit your Carbs”, “Drink Water”, “Fill up with Vegetables/Fiber”, “High Protein Breakfast.” “Eat more Protein” Lean Meat, Chicken, Fish and Eggs. “Good Nights Sleep” “Ditch Junk/Processed Food” “Eat Slowly” and “Get Right Mindset”


Do more Cardio

Various people in Gym doing Exercises

Commonly known as Aerobic exercise.

Whilst doing your Aerobics, it increases your Heart Rate which will, as a result help burn more Calories.

It’s recommended that you do at least 30 minutes of Cardio per day.

It is one of the most powerful ways to speed up weight loss.(Trusted Source). To achieve this weight loss, your everyday Walking, Biking, and Jogging will do, but on the other hand the Brave will do Boxing. These, are in truth great ways to burn the Weight off.

Eat More Slowly

We have a sign with EAT in Neon and on the RHS a traffic sign Stating SLOW PLEASE.

For example I, can clearly remember my mum telling me to chew my Food properly. Doing so you get a better taste for the food, furthermore this also makes you feel full. Drinking water and taking smaller proportions during your meal this will help you lose weight. (Trusted Source).

Eat High Protein Breakfast

Plate with High Protein Breakfast EGGS SPINACH

In other words there is nothing better than to start your day with a Great High Protein Breakfast. Doing so will makes you feel full, reducing your appetite and calories throughout the day.

Many studies have found that a Higher absorption of protein leads to a drop in weight loss and visceral fat.(TrustedSource,TrustedSource.TrustedSource). Resources for a High Protein Breakfast could already be in your pantry. Goods such as Eggs, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and the Kids favourite Peanut Butter.

Add Fiber to your Diet

 Friut Water Melon, Kiwi Fruitof

Fiber is one of seven nutrients that the body needs to function at its best.

Studies have shown that Fiber with regard to Weight Loss has a very strong effect.

One such study found that increasing the Fiber, resulted in a decrease in calories and weight loss.(Trusted Source).

Therefore following on from Protein, most Fiber could be in the pantry, or fridge. For example Fruit, Veggies, Whole Grain and Legumes.

Fill up with veggies

Picture showing various Vegetables

Further to Fiber, vegetables are rich in nutrients.

Therefore, giving the body a mass of essential vitamins, fiber, and minerals and antioxidants with a minimum of calories.

A study found that increasing Vegetables in your meals lead to a decrease in weight over a period. (Trusted Source).

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Cut more Calories for Weight loss

Cut out Soda Printed on 4 X 2 Litre Soda Bottles

How do you do that? SIMPLE!

Whether you like it or not, one of the easiest ways, to cut calories is to instantly cut out Treats, such as Soda Pop, sweets, and refined sugars.

Stand up for Weight loss

Picture of a Standing Desk, with Computer Screen and Keyboard.

Instead of sitting all the time, why not stand when on the phone.

Stand in a meeting, have a standing desk at work.

What this does it makes you move, the more you move the more calories you use.

How often have you seen people on a Mobile during the day walking up and down whilst talking.

Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Lady Standing looking in Mirror at Gym doing weight Training with dummbbells.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this will help you increase your Metabolic Rate…this is the rate at which you burn calories.

For instance if you increase your Training, you increase your Muscles. More Muscles, burn more Calories.

Lift Weights to Lose weight

Increase Exercise Intensity

Lady lifting Weight from Standing Position

No time to add to your Routine.

What do you need to do?

You are already walking, Jogging or running.

Then JUST change your route to incorporate a slight incline.

Eat more Protein

Plate full of Chicken and Vegetables

As with Fiber, Protein will also makes you feel fuller.

This can be incorporated into your regime in many ways.

Do you like your Meat Lean? It can be either Grilled, Broiled, Poached, Steamed or Baked.

On the other hand you can have Low-fat Yogurt, low-fat cheese, eggs, fish or beans, so a wide variety.

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3.“Beauty Bits GO THIS DIRECTION.”

Eat a Satiating Breakfast

2 Bowls Yogurt and Fruit

Specifically what you want here is something, once you have eaten it, it makes you feel full and satisfied.

In my case I would have what we call Scots Porridge Oats.

In other words Oatmeal, which you can garnish with fresh fruit of your Choice.

Stop Carbs After 15.00

Box of Cookies, with slogan Cut out the Carbs

What they are saying here is that if you cannot stick to a Low Carb Diet.

The next best thing is to stop eating Carbs Totally after 15.00hrs,

They say this Tip came from “Wolverine”- Hugh Jackman

Who Knows???

Feeling Hungry between meals, Drink Water

Tall Glass Tumbler being filled with water

Most times when you think you are hungry, you are more than likely Dehydrated.

Therefore for this reason instead of grabbing a bite to eat.

Pour yourself a nice Glass of filtered Water.

Get Physical

Sign Stating 'Think outside the Box'

In other words what you need to do here is Intensive Training for 30 minutes at least 5 Days every week.

You have to break a sweat to make it count.

Furthermore, not only-but also, whatever you do, go at your own pace and if you need to walk – walk, if walking is too hard – try sitting exercises, ensuring it makes you sweat.

Stop Eating at 17.00

Picture of a person eating and being told to stop at 17.00 hrs with an arrow pointing to a big clock.

This is not easy for many people due to working hours, but Beauty Bits states it worked for her.

However, if you cannot make it for 17.00, then stop eating at 19.00. This will then give your body plenty of time to Digest the food.

Then have a good night’s sleep and do it all again the next


2Glass Jars Full of Water with Lemons and Mint added for flavor

Drink Water

We have covered this already. Why do I mention this again?

Well in fact this is one of the simplest and healthiest things you can do to help you lose Belly Fat.

Adequate Nights Sleep

A person sound asleep on bed.

To begin with what is an adequate night’s sleep?

Ordinarily getting 7-8 hours of sleep might seem like a pipe dream.

For some it’s essential for overall health and well-being.

A study that was published in the journal “Sleep” found that people who didn’t get 7-8 hours sleep a night were more likely to gain weight.

One theory is that sleep deprivation makes you hungrier the next day, and subsequently you crave your favorite high-calorie comfort foods—not ideal if you’re trying to lose the last 10 pounds!

Measure Your FoodA Fork with Tape measure wrapped around the Forks.  Measure your Food

Do you measure your Food?

I bet you don’t.

To illustrate you have your Meat, Rice, Potatoes and Greens, and you Plonk them on the Plate no measuring at all.

Your steak is on Average 3oz, and all others should be a Cup full. I think you can see where I am going.

Consequently very easy to fill the Plate with too much food.

However, if you don’t want to measure your food .

Grab a Smaller Plate

A Picture showing 2 smalls bowls and small Pot.

In the meantime, following on from Measuring your food.

Just opt for a smaller plate.

Simple and effective.

Ditch the Junk Foods

A McDonalds Paper Delivery bag of Junk Food

Processed Foods are a BIG NO when it comes to reducing Belly Fat. Studies by the journal Food and Nutrition found that your body burns fewer Calories digesting Processed Foods ,than when it comes to genuine food.

“So it’s like eating twice as much, even if Calories are the same.” Mark Langowski, Founder of Body by Mark


Heart Rate up

Group of ladies lifting Dumbbells in Gym.

Above all whether you are a Gym member or not you have to do Cardio.

Get the heart Pumping, run on the Treadmill.

Do the weight Lifting, mess things up and keep it fresh.


Lady and Man Taking their 2 Dogs for a Walk in the Park.

Exactly what it says on the Tin “Walk”, we all have to do this during the Day, so why not park the car further from the Shop? 

If you take the bus, get off at an earlier stop and walk home. 

Just go out with the Dog, walk a little faster, burn the Fat off.

The whole family can do this.

Limit Carbs

Picture of White and Wholewheat Bread

You can try to limit your Carbs, for example, swapping your Breads, Pasta and Rice for more Healthy options.

Such as Cauliflower Rice, Chickpea Pasta, and Whole wheat bread.

When Body burns off the Glucose(Carbs), as a result it will start to burn off all the stored Fat and proteins.

As the saying goes…. Fewer Calories in – More Calories out = Weight Loss.

Get your Head Right

Picture of Man eyes looking upwards to a Bulb , for one of these Bright Moments.

Mind Games that’s one thing you have to control.

You can’t say I’ll start tomorrow, because, as you know, tomorrow will never comes.

You’re immediately going to go for a Walk , Run whatever.

DO IT NOW, and before you know it’s over.

Now all you have TO DO is… Repeat, Repeat and Repeat.

Count Calories

Paper Tub stating 360 Calories per Tub.

I can hear you saying, I couldn’t be bothered.

I was the same, so was my wife.

Like the Mind Games once you start looking at all the Symbols and understand them, it becomes 2nd nature.

Afterwards you’ll be surprised at the knowledge you pick up and how you make your decisions.

Subsequently this effects what you’re going eat and how you are going to eat it.


In conclusion, I hope with all the results from above ,you find this gives you a better understanding on not only how ,but also what you can do to get rid of the fat.

It’s not all Exercise, exercise and more exercise.

Similarly we must also look at what we eat, and when we eat it.

Therefore what’s equally important is our attitude, towards what we must do.

The staple reasons to lose weight are all there for us to see,

They come up time and time again.

What’s that telling us.??

In fact what are you waiting for, just GET Out there and Do IT.

Nice talking to you again.

If you have any questions or need advice.

Please, do not hesitate to Drop me a Line


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