Exercises for Seniors help you Lose Belly Fat at Home….(5 of the Best)

If you are a Senior like me, then I am sure you, would like to know the,”Exercises for Seniors help you lose Belly Fat at home”…(5 of the Best). You’ll be looking for exercises that are reasonably easy, and a whole lot of fun and very effective.They can all be done at home, and you can tie them in with your Nutritional requirements, and they do not require any specialized equipment, How Good is that.

These exercises can all be done from the comfort and safety of your home. To make it even easier and as comfortable as possible there will be no heavy lifting. You will be standing for all these exercises. These exercises will involve total body movement, and will fire up your Metabolism. If you are just beginning your exercise regime I would recommend that you, do short repetitions first and slowly increase the repetitions to where you will be comfortable. Before you dive headlong into any of these exercises it is advisable you loosen up before starting the exercise. Incorporated into the exercise we have Twisting, Bending, Kneeling and Squatting.

Two Ladies doing Lunges on a Yoga mat.

So, Lets not beat about the Bush and have a look.

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Exercises for Seniors Help you Lose Belly Fat at Home

Spinal Twist with Knee Lift

What happens here is that you stand with Legs Apart (Your Hip Distance) arms bent and hands with fists.

You then twist your body to the left whilst lifting your Right Heel off the floor.

You alternate between your legs, and to increase Intensity you can lift your leg bending it at the knee whilst doing the twist. I suggest that you start with 30 sec.

Repetitions and once you become more comfortable with yourself you can both Increase the time and the speed at which you do them.

Standing Mountain Climber

You start off with Legs apart but with Arms straight above.

You start of with bringing down your Left Arm whilst raising your right ankle off the floor, and repeat right arm, left ankle of the Floor, and so forth and when you are comfortable to increase your intensity so can then start to lift your knee, alternating as you go.

As above the repetitions should be 30 sec. with you only increasing the speed and time when you are happy.

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Double Step with a Push

Legs apart yet again, we now take two steps to the right and push your left arm out in front across your chest whilst doing a small twist of the body then back to the start position and then we repeat the exercise to the right.

To add more intensity to the exercise you could bend your knees slightly whilst doing the two steps.

We continue with the 30 sec. repetitions and when you feel more confident you can increase at your leisure.

Side Lunge with Diagonal Reach

Slight change here, your legs wide apart, hips pushed back.

Take your right hand and place it as far down your left leg as comfortably as you can, bending your leg whilst doing so.

You will then bring your arm right back into the opposite corner, repeat with you arm down to your left leg yet again, but this time when bringing your arm back you throw it to the side.

As before do a full 30sec Repetition, then change over to the other leg and repeat exercise.

Rotational Squats with Knee Bend

We are back to the legs apart(Hip distance), with your left leg Planted to the Floor.

You then rotate your body to the left and then back to the right, when you are in that position you pretend to be a Boxer punching a Punch Bag, two times. 

When you have finshed punching the Bag you then Rotate to the right and repeat Punching, as usual this is 30 sec repetition.

Once you feel comfortable with this exercise, you can incorporate a knee bend when you Rotate.

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Final Thoughts

Getting rid of Belly Fat is a combination of giving close thoughts to your diet and having regular exercise, which of course is easier said than done.

These exercises are all built around you being able to execute them from the confides of your home, making it easier for you to tie in with all your nutritional needs.

Also these exercises will give you total body movement which in turn will fire up your Metabolism.

They will most certainly elevate your heart rate, help with Flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Overall these exercises will help you build up your strength, flexibility, stay healthy and your total fitness wellbeing.

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If you have any Questions please feel free to drop me a line.

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