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Hello and Welcome to my site “How you Get Rid of Belly Fat”.

What is Belly Fat?

Man pulling up his T shirt to expose his Belly Fat

Belly Fat has many names….. Beer Belly, Pot Belly, Abdominal Fat , Visceral Fat or simply Fat

Whatever it’s called you just want to …….Get Rid of It.

A Small Insight into My Life

I grew up in Scotland, and as a Child and into Adulthood I was never your “Mr. Universe” in fact I was the Skinny one in the Family.

One of my elder Brothers he built up some muscles, mind you he did take up Boxing for a while.

I have been playing Football(Soccer) since primary school right up until I was about 45 yrs old,

I think could have been a bit older can’t remember.

We even had a special League for over 40’s

Now 69 yrs old so as you could imagine with little or no exercise.

I developed a bit of a Belly and to say the least it felt very uncomfortable.

I decided that I would look into what I could do to help me lose the Belly Fat .

Glad to say that I may not be like the “Skinny One” of old but I have managed to lose the Belly Fat.

Have been able to get back into a pair of Jeans that are over 20 years Old.

He kept them “How Long” I hear you say.

Mind you they are nice jeans “Pringle of Scotland”, can’t throw them away.

Why do I want to help You

Well I don’t need to tell you 2020 was a Disaster ,so far not great so we are not out of the woods yet.

People everywhere around the World have been affected by Lockdowns, stuck indoors ,not getting any sort of exercise.

Being retired, I started to look Online to see what I could do to Lose Weight.

It was here that I came across Affiliate Marketing, how it works and how it could help me.

I found Wealthy Affiliate, and it was here that set up my own Website to help others like you.

Much of the Content that I am going to be discussing here centre around helping you to focus on having access to the correct tools.

  • What to Drink
  • What you Eat
  • How to Exercise
  • Recipes
  • General Health Tips

I cannot tell you what will be the best for you as there is much to peruse.

All I can say is that once I started, I thoroughly enjoyed the Journey.

The Goal

What I would like to see from this Website is that “You” the people trust me.

You will be Happy that you have acheived your Goals.

Then Pass on the experience to others, tell them about my Website.

Inform them on how this all came about by Affiliate Marketing.

Seriously things are Tough but all this can be done at home and at your own pace.

Hopefully this will give you some light at the end of this very Long Tunnel.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. 

I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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