GET RID OF BELLY FAT…….Must have Drinks

Get Rid of Belly Fat – Must have Drinks

Man with 'T. rolled up showing his Belly Fat,

Everyone thinks that, when you have Belly Fat that the only way to Get Rid of Belly Fat is by exercising and exercising some more. Fortunately that is not always the case.

It has been known for sometime that in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet there are certain drinks that will help boost your Metabolism.

This in turn helps you Get Rid of Belly Fat and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

I am going to walk you through a number of Drinks that you can use when you are at Home.

I’m sure you may even have some of them in your cupboard right now and not be aware of their potential.

When you go out for a meal at a restaurant, I am sure that they would be able to rustle up one if not more of these Drinks.

I can’t tell you what will be the right Drink for you.

The sooner you start the sooner you will find which one suits and then you will feel and see the results.


Bottle Apple Cider vinegar

French Sour Wine

“Apple Cider Vinegar”

How about having a Glass of Sour Wine instead of the your normal small glass of Fruit Juice (which is packed full of Sugar) in other words:-

1 Tablespoon with Warm Water first thing in the Morning on an empty stomach is recommended. This will give you a felling of fullness and will suppress your appetite which will them help you achieve weight loss/Belly Fat Loss.

Some Like It Hot

Old Style wooden Tea box stating, It pays to buy Good Tea,

Well I am sure that you can see where I am going with this, these drinks are hot, namely Tea. Yeah!!! Yeah!!!!

I hear you saying, but I’m a Coffee Drinker.

Remember this is for your benefit, Get Rid of the Belly Fat and just think, your wearing your new Clothes and Showing Off to your friends.

Tea is really Good for You, just you wait and see.

Tea is Grown in many countries around the World and has many Flavors here are just a few

On the top of the list is :-

“Green Tea

A Nice Glass mug full of Green tea perched on the edge of a table with the sun setting in the back ground.
One of the reasons this tea is good for you is that its full of antioxidants, known as catechins. They are believed to fight the stubborn belly fat.
Studies have shown that drinking green tea on a regular basis helps in Getting Rid of Belly Fat.
The catechins increase the release of fat from the fat cells’ found in the belly and also speeds up the liver’s ability to burn off more fat.

“Peppermint Tea

 A glass cup full of Peppermint Tea sitting ona Hessian place mat, with a sprig of mint waiting to be added to the drink.
This tea will not only smell and taste nice but it can quickly and properly digest your food.
Which in turn also helps prevent any accumulation of fat.
Bloating which may cause excess fat in the abdomen region due to your food not being digested is relieved when drinking peppermint tea.
Peppermint particularly helps in processing the fat in your stomach.

“Rooibos Tea

A beautiful copper kettle pouring hot water into a lovely china cup that has Rooibos Tea leaves waiting to be brewed.
Rooibos tea or (Red Bush Tea)is calorie-free, and it also stops the formation of new fat cells’.
Which in turn will also encouraged a quicker metabolism.
Those of you who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, this, I think may be a good beverage option.
Rooibos tea according to a 2014 study, could help weight management with increased levels of leptin.
This is a hormone that will help regulate food intake and send signals that the body has had enough to eat.

“Dandelion Tea

A large Dandelion Head.
Yes, that weed in the Garden.
You could be adventurous and use it from the garden, Ensure that the leaves and Roots have been washed and cleaned properly.
If not dried leaves will do.
As some of your belly fat is probably water retention and dandelion is a natural diuretic it will make you urinate more.
This is good as it flushes out toxins and extra water from your body, especially your Belly Fat.


Simple and Surprising

Water Bottle with h2O written on bottle.

“Flat Tummy Water”

Yes exactly what comes out of the tap.

Water can be really helpful for weight loss.                                                                                           

It’s 100% Calorie Free, helps you burn more calories and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals.

Whilst it has as yet to be proven, anecdotal evidence is strong that if you add a sliced lemon to the water this will help with weight loss.

“Cranberry Juice”

Pouring Cranberry Juice into a plain Glass tumbler with loose cranberries lying on the table
Well what do we have for you here, we have, a Drink from mother nature.
A “Wonder Berry”,1 of only 3 fruits native to North America.
A Marshland Plant, last but not least an exotic, Fruit.           
Cranberry Juice is also rich in organic acids which have an emulsifying effect on the fatty deposits in your body, making it ideal for you to sheds those extra kilos.
This Wonder Berry has to be 100% Cranberry Juice very rich in antioxidants and will boost your metabolism so that your body can target the Belly Fat.

“Celery Juice”

Glass of Celery Juice with a striped red and white straw sticking out of the glass tumbler.
Celery has been grown in the marshland as a vegetable since,, well as they say, for Ever.
In the same way as our peppermint tea, celery juice is a natural diuretic.
This prevents water retention by helping your body get rid of excess water.
It also helps in relieving bloating which as we said earlier can lead to Belly fat.
A little bit of Ginger Root added to the Juice to give it a nice smell and also for its fat burning properties.

“Pineapple Juice”

Pineapple with Top Cut Off and Straw for drinking out the juice on the beach with a beautiful blue sky in the background
This is a Tropical plant and is Indigenous to South America been grown there for centuries.
It has been noted that an enzyme called bromelain, found in the juices of the pineapple helps with metabolizing protein.
Which in turn burns away any of the excess stomach fat.
Pineapple juice is said to be a great remedy to Get Rid of Belly Fat .


We are Just scratching the Surface

As you are all aware the above suggestions are just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg.

I think the best for you would be to have a look at what I have set up.

See what you like and as they say give them a go.

Most, if not all, I am sure, you will find that they are available in all major stores.

Some may not be to your taste.

I am sure you will find something or many things, that will at least tickle you taste bud.

You could be adventurous and try them all.

Overall I know that in conjunction with some of the above, exercise and healthy eating.

I can see you will all reach your Intended Goals.

Remember your Goal “How you Get Rid of Belly Fat’

If you have any other suggestions, or you have tried some off the above please drop me a note.

I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for Reading.

Remember drop me a line



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