6 Aerobic Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat – “WITH AIR”??

How Important is Exercise”..???

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As you are trying to lose Belly Fat you have to Get Rid of more Calories, than you are consuming in your daily diet if you wish to have any effect on weight loss.

To do that would mean that you would either have to exercise some more, or eat less, or you could do a combination of both.

When taken into account that 2000 Calories is the Average Daily Intake and as you will one way or another, take some form of exercise.

You will find that you have neither Gained any Weight nor Lost any Weight and, you will have a Status Quo.

However, Calories that have not burned off will be, converted into Fat for Storage. (Not Good)

On the other hand, if you have Burnt more Calories than consumed, then the Fat that has been in Storage will be broken down, and will be used as energy within your body . (Carried in the blood????? glucose sugar) 

As well as jump-starting your metabolism, exercise keeps your body fit and functioning at its finest.

The Best Exercises are .. Aerobic “with air”

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Yes I hear you asking “With Air” what’s he on about, quite simple really. The Definition in Biology for Aerobic is “With Air” in other words its the use of “Oxygen”.

I am sure you have all heard of Aerobic Training.

If not, you may have heard called by the name “Cardio Exercising” one of the same.

We all know that Exercising, in general is beneficial for you.

Having found that Aerobic Exercises are one of the prime ways to help lose Belly Fat.

Aerobic exercise will increase your Body’s RMR(Resting Metabolism Rate).

What this means that when you are being less active, you will burn additional energy.

When you do your Aerobic Exercises on a Planned Routine, not only does it help your RMR, it has many more Medical benefits to offer.

Such as lowering your Blood Pressure and Heart rate, which, in turn, can lessen your risk of a Heart Attack, or a Stroke.

Going further, other advantages would be to enhance your immune system, lower your risk of Diabetes and stave off Osteoporosis. I am sure there are many more.


When and How to Exercise

Having found that the Best time to Exercise, if you want to lose Belly Fat, is first thing in the morning on an Empty Stomach.

Doing that you will Burn the Fat that has been in Storage.

Professor Anthony Hackney of The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ,States that you’ll “draw more of your energy from your fat reserves”.

He also suggests that “exercisers could have less of an appetite throughout the day leading to them putting fewer Pounds on during the day”.

Another thing we should be looking too is how long you can Train. We must acknowledge, that we are not same weight. What makes sense is that the more you weigh the more Calories you will expand and Vice Versa.

I have found a schedule where Harvard Health has provided a Table of Calories Burned in 30 minutes for various exercises by people in three weight groups.

It goes without saying that if you feel that you are out of shape, especially overweight you should look at doing less and then slowly build up to your 60-minute exercise.

If you have a history of medical problems, always check with a qualified healthcare provider before beginning your exercise program.

Harvard Health has broken the Calories Burned into 30 min Exercises. To exact any benefit from these Exercises I suggest you do 60 minutes of Hard work on any of the 2 Aerobic Exercises from the list below.

The Aerobic Exercises that I propose if done religiously, will help you to lose Weight. As is the case, when you wish to start any Exercise, you have to ensure that you do your Warm up exercises.

My 6 Aerobic Exercises No Specific Order” .

As I explained, we are looking to Exercise for a 60 minutes. You will see that all the Exercises below are 30 minutes each, so at the end I will suggest a few Combinations for you to try out.

1 Walking Briskly (30 minutes)

Picture shows lady and a man hold hands whilst walking up a rocky path in the woods.

Walking is the ideal way to start your Exercise regime, more so if you are out of shape. I set up a 2 km Circuit (We use Km here in SA) which, incorporated both Flat and Slight inclines. This I did twice, which = 4 km and that equates to 2.5 miles.

Managed to Average 3,6 mph which would cover what they call a Brisk walk, and give me a time slightly above the 30 minutes as tabled by Harvard.

You have to stick by the Rules, mark out your 2 mile Circuit and do it in the 30-minute time window at 4-mph.

Now the Sixty Dollar question? How many Calories would you lose Walking Briskly at 4mph, it was estimated you would lose 135 to 200 Calories in your allotted 30 minutes.

I can hear some of your saying, where we live, the weather dictates if we go out or not.

Point taken, but if you really want to Get Rid of the Belly Fat, a Treadmill will do the Job.

These days most can be adjusted to simulate small gradients, but Minus all the Lovely Scenery.

2. Running (30 minutes)

Lady and Man smiling and waving to crowd whilst running in a Race.

Following on from Walking the next Logical step to take would be to start running. You already have a circuit set up it would make sense just to Follow the self-same route.

If you are a beginner, I say start slowly and begin to Increase your Speed steadily until you can achieve 6-mph. Running at this speed in your allocated 30 minutes, you would have achieved a distance of 3 miles.

How many Calories would you lose Running at 6 mph, it is estimated you would lose 240 to 355 in your allotted 30 minutes.

If you have to Run in doors on a Treadmill, as I said above, you need to adjust the Gradient on the Treadmill to have the effects of Running Uphill.

3. Cycling – Outside Vigorous (30 Minutes)

Man Cycling on Downhill Road through Luss gren Mountains.

Cycling outside has challenges, not only will you have to try to maintain an Average Speed. You must also be aware of your surroundings.

You will be using more energy as the Road and Paths are not straight (Un-Like the Gym) and you will then have to contend with the wind and the occasional hill. Remember what goes up must come down so you get some respite from the big Burn when going downhill.

Cycling vigorously for 30 minutes at 16-19 mph has been found that you will burn more calories than any of the other exercises.

How many calories can you lose when Cycling Outside at, 16-19 mph? We have estimated between 360 to 533 in your allotted 30 minutes.

Cycling would be more advantageous to you if you suffered from any Foot, Knee or, Hip issues, it is less strenuous than running.

An activity that your whole Family can enjoy and the Benefits to your General health and Well-being are tremendous.

A great exercise to combine with circuit training to achieve the ultimate workout.???

4. Cycling – Inside Vigorous (30 Minutes)

Various People on static bikes Cycling indoors at a Gym

Cycling inside at home can have its advantages. You don’t have to worry about the weather, the Traffic and no need to wear a Helmet.

How many Calories can you lose Cycling Inside at 16-19 mph? We have estimated between 315 – 466 Calories in your allotted 30 minutes.

Again this type of Cycling will be better for you if you suffer any Aliments, in your Legs.

A great exercise to combine with circuit training to achieve the ultimate workout.

5. Cycling – BMX / Mountain Biking(30 minutes)

Man on Bike on a stoney Track heading downhill  from the Mountains
A young boy on his BMX Bike No.5  just gone over a hump with his front wheel in the air.

Cycling, can be a bit more Challenging, to say the least, but just as rewarding when it comes to the Calorie Count.

This type of Cycling, or do we call it Biking, the same thing.

These two sports will most certainly Involve going up and down hills, with Mountain Biking over uneven and rocky surfaces, they will certainly be the most Challenging.

How many Calories can you lose doing BMX /Mountain Biking? We have estimated at between 270- 400 Calories in your allotted 30 minutes.

6. Circuit Training, General (30 Minutes)

Various People doing Different exercises in Gym Circuit Training

As the name suggests, you follow a Circuit with many Various exercises in order.

You can, in conjunction with the Gym, set up Circuit Training specifically for your needs.

We can involve any type of equipment, and the whole Idea of having this circuit is that it is specific to you and your needs. You must ensure you are happy with your Exercise regime.

In the long run, this will help with your General Health and Well-being and it is also a very good way to help you lose your Belly Fat.

How many calories can you lose doing Circuit Training? We have estimated at between 240-355 Calories in your Allotted 30 minutes.

Best to Mix the Exercise Combinations: (60 minutes)

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How do you start? I recommend that starting slowly and taking care not to go overboard when carrying out these exercises.

After you become relaxed with all the Exercises you will then establish your combinations, that you are comfortable performing together.

Changing these exercise combinations frequently will provide you with the best available training and maximize your weight loss.

Remember you are training, if you feel any pain or uneasiness, you must stop immediately.

3 Workout Examples

This is where you make use of 30 minutes of Walking, Running, Various Cycling Modes plus the Circuit training. There are no hard and Fast Rules but you can adapt them to meet your needs. They will certainly Challenge you and all offer various degree of difficultly and Calorie Usage:

3 Examples of 60-minute combinations.

1. Standard Workout = Brisk Walk + Running

2. Combative Workout = Running +Cycling outdoors

3. Extreme Workout = Cycling BMX/Mountain Biking + Circuit Training

All This Exercise you must also look after your Diet

You can see the arms and hands only  of people who are sitting at a tables and Toasting each other over various  plates of Food.

A well-adjusted and wholesome diet is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

Most of you will follow a 2000 Calorie/Day (calorie intake) diet. When you start this exercise regimen it will produce weight loss, assuming you have a normal basal metabolic rate (BMR).

To increase your weight loss, you should consider dropping your 24-hour caloric intake to about 1800 Calories/Day.

I would be wary to go too low on daily caloric intake as this can cause your body to slow down its metabolism. This would be counter-productive to both good nutrition and weight loss.

 Let’s Recap – Make a Plan

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One of the best ways to lose weight fast is to use an exercise program that combines both Aerobics with lightweight training.

Select two 30 minute exercises and do them sequentially, if possible.

You must begin slowly and build up to 60 minutes increasing gradually your degrees of speed.

Even, if you do not need to lose weight anyone can benefit from this type of exercise.

The benefit of this type of exercise is that most can be done at home, outside, or in a gym.

Early morning before breakfast is the best time to exercise.

Have a job then an early morning or evening session time will probably work best.

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If there’s any way we can help, please let us know. What’s on your mind, leave your message in the comment section.

Are you already exercising?

What is your Daily Program and are you losing Weight??

Any tips to share and how would they be helpful?



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