Best Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat – 6 Contenders


We have a Man with a Measuring Tape round his Belly checking what size he is.

I think it’s a matter of Opinion, but, and I know you will agree with me, that, although you may not want to Exercise, deep down you know that at sometime on your Journey.

For you, to Get Rid of the Belly Fat, and have your Flat Stomach you are going to have to do the Dreaded Exercises

Belly Fat which is stored around the waist, or as they say in medical terms Visceral Fat which mainly attaches to the vital internal organs and has been found to be linked to serious chronic conditions such as Diabetes 2.                     

Too much Belly Fat can indeed be Dangerous, so it does make sense that it has to go, so how do we do it :-

WE EXERCISE……..aaaahhhhh


A picture looking into a Gym with Various people doing exercises


Kettle Ball Swing

Mountain Climber

Burpee Jumps

Medicine Ball

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge 


2 people walking dog in park

I would say this is one of the more easy if not the easiest Exercises that you will need to do, in fact you start doing as soon as you get up in the morning.

There is no excuse for not walking as we all have to go shopping, so walk to the shops. Instead of driving the Kids to school why not walk.

Take the Dog, take your Hubby, take your Kids for a walk in the Park, down by the beach around the Block.

If you don’t like any of them, you could buy one of these Walking Machines.

Then there is no Excuse that it’s raining, snowing or it’s too cold ,it’s too hot, so no more Excuses for you To Get Rid of The Belly Fat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Lady Swinging Kettle Bell above her head for Exercise.

Now we are getting into the stuff that’s going to get the heart racing.

Kettle Bell swinging, and it’s not your Kettle for making the tea, it’s a solid lump of metal shaped to look like a Bell with a Handle. (see opposite)

How do you start:- 

Stand up Straight, Legs Apart, Shoulder Width, Hold the Kettle Bell with Both Hands between your Legs.

You then start to swing the Kettle Bell, up to shoulder Height and then back down bending your knees during the process. 

You Should start gradually maybe repetitions of 5 times, and increase when you feel more confident, as you will.


It a Picture of a Mountain Climber, so Imagine a person climbing a mountain his Knees up to his chest and he pulls himself up, well they do this on the Gym Floor.

What you have to do here is pretend you are the Mountain Climber like the man in the Photo.

How Do You Start:-

You get into the same position as the man in the Photo but you are on the Floor, making sure your hands are Flat, you then you start to pump your legs like pistons up and down towards your Chest, leaving your hands where they are, Flat on the Floor. 

I would suggest timing your Repetition 30 sec, and increase when you wish.


This was named after a US physiologist Royal H Burpee who in 1940 Developed this exercise as part of his PH Degree, and it has stood the test of time since then, 80 yrs so it must do the Job.              How do you Start :-

Picture 5 same Man from squatting position Jumps up into the Air and repeats process.  This is called a Burfee
Picture 1 Man In Shorts standing upright arms by his side
1Stand up Straight
Picture 2 and 4 Same Man now Squatting with Hands on the Floor.
2- 4 SQUAT
Picture 3 Same Man then stretches his legs Backwards into the Push-up position, holds it and then goes back into squatting position Picture 2-4

(1)Stand with your feet shoulder width apart bend your knees until your squatting.

(2) You put your hands flat on the floor, again at shoulder width apart.

(3)Jump your legs backwards into the position as if you were going to do a push up, then immediately Jump your feet back towards your hands(4)

(5)Then raise your hands above your head and Jump upwards, repeat the process.

You should do Repetitions of 5 times, have a break, repeat, and then slowly increase the amount. 

When you are Brave enough you could incorporate a push-up into the Repetition when you jump backwards, do Push-up, Jump forward and so on.

This exercise uses many muscles from your shoulders, chest, inner thighs, abs, your butt you name it works them all, helping to Get Rid of the Belly Fat.


Lady and Man in Gym, both are Holding a Medicine Ball above their heads, and they are Going to Slam it into the Gym Floor.

This sounds very simple pick up a ball and slam into the floor, well that’s exactly what you do, no more no less.   

But how do they call it a Medicine Ball, well again it comes from our past where a Professor Roberts in 1889 coined the Phrase Medicine Ball.

He had noted that whenever a ball was used by people they felt more invigorated and their health seemed to improve, hence the name Medicine Ball.

Today however it is advisable that they are not to be Kicked. 

How do you Start:- 

Standing upright legs shoulder width apart. Bend down and pick up the Medicine Ball, raise it above your head and slam into the floor as hard as you can.

Catch on the rebound and repeat exercise.

You should do Repetition 5 Times, have a Break and Repeat


Lady in Gym doing an Forward Lunge.

What exactly is a Dumbbell well we have to back to around 1711.

You see Inside of a Bell you have what is called a Clapper.

The bigger the Bell the Bigger the Clapper this is what hits the side of the Bell to create the sound.

The shape of a Clapper is very similar to the Modern Dumbbells.

So when they moved a Large Bell they took the Clapper out, so the Bell of course could not Ring.

They called a Bell like that “Dumb” which originally meant Quiet.

So when Clapper was out it became a “Dumbbell”, and associated this with the Clapper and it Shape.

That’s the History lesson out of the way.

How do you Start:-

This is a Lunge with a Twist.

Get a 2.5/3.0 Kg Dumbbell hold this in one hand, stand up straight then raise the Dumbbell straight above your head, then Lunge Forward and Hold.

Then Step Back and Repeat.

Repetitions x 5 alternate both Arms and Legs.


We have looked at 6 of the Best Exercises varying from the Sedate Walking to the Intense Burpee. Which one is the Best, they are all good.

The Best would be what you like and of course this would be different for other people.

I would say most people like yourselves will be able to do all of them.

You must start out slowly and in your own time, intensify the workouts and the results will come.

Yes, you want to Get Rid of the Belly Fat as quick as you can, but remember Rome was not built in a day.

A sign stating in Capital letters "Think about things differently", and the word differently is upside down and back to front.

If you can think of anything out of the Ordinary, or you are doing something Different for that matter.

Please Drop us a note.

Any questions ? ask away .

Just remember what your Goal is:-

“Get Rid of the Belly Fat.”

Talk to you soon


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