Can You lose Belly Fat Naturally – Naturellement!

Can I lose Belly Fat Naturally…..Of course you can.

How you get the Rid of the dreaded Belly Fat from around the Belly.

Picture of Lady with Measuring Tape around her waist.

This as you know this is a Common Goal for many, many people. They have more than likely, in the past tried every, Weight Loss program and Dieting Fad.

What with all the Pills, Drinks, and supplements that you have bought, and none of them have worked.

Where are they, they, are stuck in the back of the Pantry, a waste of money and space.

I think that these people, and I mean you, are tried and do not want to use the Fancy Pills, Special Drinks and all the other Fancy Supplements.

They promise, you can lose this Fat and that Fat and in the end you will have this Flat Stomach.

What if you could Lose the Belly Fat Naturally.

How ??…. by making sure that you have the correct foods in your Pantry.

What’s in The Pantry…….


What we must look at first is to replace Refined Carbohydrates with Complex Carbohydrates.

Whoa what you are saying, what’s he talking about, well let me show you:-

Eat Less Refined, low in Nutritional Value, but High in Calories

3 slices of white bread

White Bread 

White Flour 

White Rice 

Refined Grain

Eat more Complex, high in Nutritional Value, but low in Calories

Whole grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

Whole Wheat Flour

Brown Grain


As you can see you are simply replacing what you have with an Alternative Natural Product. This will not only be more healthy in general, but will contribute to Natural way you will Lose the Belly Fat.

Fruit and Vegetables

A picture of Fruit and Vegetables

You are all well aware of the advantages eating both Fruit and Vegetables, but just in case you have forgotten, as if you would.

Fruit and Vegetables are in the “Eat more Complex” Carbohydrates and are high in nutritional value and low in calories. They are high in Fiber, where results have shown that the fiber can help reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes a medical condition that has been linked to the build up of Visceral Fat, (correct name) but, what we know as Belly Fat.

I am not going to tell you what Fruit and Vegetables to buy, but one thing I would highly recommend, for the whole family, and especially if you have Kids is to do the following…

When they get back from school, sports whatever, the Kids normally like to have a nibble.

Instead of the packet of crisps or a biscuit with a Bottle of Soda Pop.

Why not give them Fruit and Vegetables cut into Slices / Sticks placed in small containers.

To quench the thirst a Bottle of Water with a Slice of Lemon.

Just a Little snippet of Information for you, did you know that one Whole Apple with the skin can give you more Fiber than a Glass of Apple Juice. You know the saying……

An Apple a … ….. … …… …. I’ll let you get the Kids to fill that one out.

Sugary Drinks the Devil in Disguise

a picture of Bottles of Soda Pop Drinks on a Long Wooden Shelf.
More than likely you all have the Soda Pop Bottles and Carton of Fruit Juices in your Fridges and Pantries.
I know I do, but what you must do is check the Sugar content of all the Drinks in your Pantry.

The consumption of large amounts of sugar is one of the main reasons for gaining weight, in and around the belly area.

High sugar intake promotes insulin resistance. This causes body to produce more insulin which leads to more hunger, higher blood pressure and more weight .

Just by reducing the amount of sugar in hot drinks such as sweetened Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Reduce or eliminate Soda Pop / Fruit Juice will help greatly in removing excess sugar from your diet. Which in turn will lead to a reduction of the Bell Fat naturally.

The Soda Pop was kept in the fridge as I liked it cold, as they say, so you could grab a quick one. I no longer keep Soda Pop in the Fridge, it’s in the Pantry for the Grand kids, haven’t weaned them off it yet.

What I did was to put a Jug of Cold Water in the Fridge for normal day to day use and a Plastic 500ml of Cold Water just for me. When I’m thirsty I have a glass of Cold Water and when I go out I take the 500ml Bottle.
I am now into the habit of Drinking Water most of the time.

Mother Natures Drink.. “WATER”

Exercise Naturally

What we are looking at here are things that can be done naturally, no need for fancy Lycra, running shoes, gym fees or that fancy expensive bike.

Always take the stairs Your at the shopping Mall to buy all your Natural shopping products and you park level 3, take the stairs to the Ground Level. Even the slightest of exercise will use up unwanted Calories.
Picture of the Legs of Two men Climbing a set of stairs.

Walk and Walk some more If you are a regular bus passenger walk to the next Bus Stop to catch the bus. When you are on the way home get off an earlier stop and walk home. You use the car to do your shopping then park as far away as possible from the stairs (see above).

Man and Woman holding hands walking up a Rocky path in the woods

Always do a Big Shop Looks like we have a bit of a theme here. You’re at the Mall, done the shopping and all you need is to get back to the car. This means you have to carry these Heavy Bags whilst keeping head and Chest held up high and your back and shoulders straight. Up the stairs you go, you cross the car park and Voila you’re at the car. Done correctly this will work the legs, arms and core and it will actually burn the Fat.

Couple Taking Shopping in Trolley to Car in the Car Park.

Can you believe it… Just Stand Up It’s been found that standing burns 1.36 Calories a minute more, than when you are sitting. If you are a regular bus passenger and an able-bodied individual then, there is no need for you to sit down on public transport. When you are working, ask if you can have a standing desk, if not then suggest that all meetings must be standing meetings and explain why.

Picture of a Standing Desk with Computer screen and Key Board

So as you can see from everything that has been said above, you can certainly look at Losing the Belly Fat Naturally. I think that you can have fun doing it and tying in all the things together and making it fun for everyone involved.

Happy shopping….

I you have any queries just drop me a Note and I will gladly get back to you.

If you have any other Ideas I would love to hear them



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