6 of The Best Vegetables…… Help Get Rid of Belly Fat.

VEGETABLES ARE A MUST.…….. Vegetables, Love them or Hate them, they help you lose the Belly Fat. Can you remember when you were a kid, sitting at the dining table and your mum’s telling you. You must Eat your Vegetables or there’s no Pudding. Well can you beleive it, she was right all along. Maybe … Read more

What is the Best Way to Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Who Knows!!!!

EQUALLY IMPORTANT…..WHAT IS BELLY FAT, Well we give it so many names, Beer Belly, Visceral Fat, Pot Belly, Paunch and Middle Age Spread but at the end of the day its just Fat. Fat has accumulated around the centre of the Body and nobody, but nobody likes having a Fat Belly. So !…. What is … Read more

Can You lose Belly Fat Naturally – Naturellement!

Can I lose Belly Fat Naturally…..Of course you can. How you get the Rid of the dreaded Belly Fat from around the Belly. This as you know this is a Common Goal for many, many people. They have more than likely, in the past tried every, Weight Loss program and Dieting Fad. What with all … Read more

How to lose Belly Fat and Still Eat, Imagine That..

You’ve probably heard people telling you to Get Rid of Belly Fat you have to Exercise. However, what may surprise you is that you can still Eat and Get Rid of the Belly Fat without exercising. I can hear you already, what’s this guy talking about, is he crazy, well I’m not (well I like … Read more

Get Rid of the Belly Fat -Without Exercising!!

YEP ! you’ve read it correctly, Get Rid of Belly Fat “Without Exercising” We all know that these are trying times, you can’t do all the things, that you used to do, but as they say there is some light at end of the Tunnel. Take this for example Gyms have reopened, so those of … Read more


How to Burn Belly Fat…BURN!!! You want to “BURN the Belly Fat”. You need to “BURN the Calories” in conjunction to eating the RIGHT foods. Additionally a balanced approach to eating the Rights Foods and the Right Exercises is a must. Lets “BURN” off the Belly Fat. I am sure that many a folk have … Read more

GET RID OF BELLY FAT…….Must have Drinks

Get Rid of Belly Fat – Must have Drinks Everyone thinks that, when you have Belly Fat that the only way to Get Rid of Belly Fat is by exercising and exercising some more. Fortunately that is not always the case. It has been known for sometime that in conjunction with exercise and a healthy … Read more

About Murray……….

Hello and Welcome to my site “How you Get Rid of Belly Fat”. What is Belly Fat? Belly Fat has many names….. Beer Belly, Pot Belly, Abdominal Fat , Visceral Fat or simply Fat Whatever it’s called you just want to …….Get Rid of It. A Small Insight into My Life I grew up in … Read more